Giovanni Verri


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Giovanni Verri is a British Museum Mellon Fellow in Conservation Science. He graduated in Physics from the University of Ferrara, Italy in 1997 and completed a PhD in Physics at the same institution with a dissertation on nuclear fusion in 2001. Following a post-doctoral fellowship at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he worked as a consultant for the Getty Conservation Institute in Los Angeles, USA. Giovanni completed an MA in the Conservation of Wall Paintings at the Courtauld Institute of Art with a dissertation on photo-induced luminescence imaging in 2007.

At the British Museum, he focuses mainly on the design of non-invasive imaging equipment (infrared and photo-induced luminescence). Another field of investigation is the development of technologies for the spatial characterisation of Egyptian and Han blue, two pigments commonly encountered in ancient contexts.

Current projects

Italian fifteenth-century drawings

The spatial characterisation of Egyptian blue by photo-induced luminescence imaging

Recent publications

G. Verri, “The spatial characterisation of Egyptian blue in the Nebamun fragments by visible-induced luminescence imaging” in Conservation, scientific examination and re-display of the Nebamun wall paintings, K Uprichard and A Middleton (eds), (London, Archetype, forthcoming)

G. Verri, “The characterisation of Egyptian and Han blue by digital imaging” (forthcoming)

G. Verri, C. Clementi, D. Comelli, S. Cather and F. Pique', “Correction of ultraviolet-induced fluorescence spectra for the examination of polychromy”, submitted to Applied Spectroscopy, (March 2008)

G. Verri, D. Comelli, S. Cather, D. Saunders and F. Pique', “Post-capture data analysis as an aid to the interpretation of ultraviolet-induced fluorescence images”, Proceedings of SPIE -- Volume 6810, Computer Image Analysis in the Study of Art, D. G. Stork, J. Coddington Eds, 681001 (March, 2008)

G. Verri, R. Barkai, C. Bordeanu, A. Gopher, M. Hass, P. Kubik, E. Montanari, M. Paul, A. Ronen, S. Weiner and E. Boaretto, “Flint Mining in Prehistory Recorded by in Situ Produced Cosmogenic 10Be” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A.. 2004 May 25; 101(21): 7880–7884. (Published online May, 2004 doi: 10.1073/pnas.0402302101)