Richard Parkinson

Former Assistant Keeper,

Ancient Egyptian pharaonic culture

Department: Ancient Egypt and


External profiles

Richard Parkinson joined the Museum in 1991 and was the curator responsible for the care, research, publication and display of the collection’s papyri, as well as hieratic and hieroglyphic texts, inscribed materials including the Rosetta Stone, and the Nebamun wall-paintings. He supervised the department’s archival material and epigraphy, and was responsible for university liaison and access to the department’s collections. In 2013, he left the Museum to become Professor of Egyptology at the University of Oxford, but remains in close contact with the department.

Parkinson’s research interests centre on the interpretation of ancient Egyptian literature, especially the poetry of the classic age (1940-1640 BC). As well the philological editing of manuscripts, he works on material contexts, actors’ perspectives, and literary theory (‘new historicist’ and ‘material philology’ practices). He is interested in literary texts as a means for a ‘subaltern’ history, and in issues of performance practice, cultural power, and sexuality in Egyptian culture.

Current projects

Previous projects

External fellowships/ honorary positions/ membership of professional bodies

  • Visiting lecturer, University of Goettingen, University of Koln
  • Honorary doctorate, New Bulgarian University, Sofia

Recent publications

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