Amandine Mérat

Project Curator: Islamic Galleries

Department: Middle East


+44 (0)20 7323 8320

Amandine Mérat is Project Curator: Islamic Galleries in the Department of the Middle East.

She joined the Museum in 2013, having worked on temporary and permanent displays at the Musée du Louvre and the Galerie Chevalier among others. She specialises in archaeological textiles from Roman to Early Islamic Egypt and the Near East, and is preparing a PhD dissertation on ‘Embroidery in ancient Egypt, from dynastic to early Islamic times’ (École du Louvre, Paris). As Assistant keeper in the Ancient Egypt and Sudan department (August 2013 – March 2016), she completed the audit of the Late Antique and early Islamic Egyptian textiles among other projects, and has been Project Curator of the Egypt: faith after the pharaohs exhibition. In April 2016, she joined the Middle East department, as project Curator of the Albukhary Foundation gallery of the Islamic World.

Current projects

Albukhary Foundation gallery of the Islamic World

Previous projects

Egypt: faith after the pharaohs exhibition at the British Museum
(29 October 2015 – 7 February 2016)

Antinoupolis at the British Museum 

Editor, British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan

Egyptian textiles audit 

Wadi Sarga at the British Museum 

Membership of professional bodies

Textiles from the Nile Valley 

International Association for Coptic Studies 

École du Louvre 

Association de l’École du Louvre  

Association Francophone de Coptologie 

Association Française pour l’Étude du Textile 


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