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The modern period (after 1880)

Prints 1450 - 1880

British drawings and watercolours

Old Master drawings


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The modern period (after 1880)

F. Carey and A. Griffiths, From Manet to Toulouse-Lautrec: French lithographs, 1860-1900 (1978), exhibition catalogue, 104pp., 11 colour, 60 b&w illus.

F. Carey and A. Griffiths, The Print in Germany 1880-1933 : the Age of Expressionism (1984) reprinted 1993, exhibition catalogue, 272pp., 9 colour, 221 b&w illus.

F. Carey and A. Griffiths, Avant-garde British printmaking, 1914-1960 (1990), exhibition catalogue, 240pp., 16 colour, 241 b&w illus.

I. Goldscheider, Czechoslovak prints from 1900 to 1970 (1986), exhibition catalogue, 51pp., 67 b&w illus.

F. Carey, Modern Scandinavian Prints (1997), exhibition catalogue, 176pp., 12 colour, 155 b&w illus.

I. Zdanowicz and S. Coppel, Fred Williams: an Australian Vision (2003), exhibition catalogue, 128 pp., 130 colour illus.

D. Thomson and S. Coppel, Avigdor Arikha from Life: Drawings and Prints 1965-2005 (2006), exhibition catalogue, 143 pp., 128 colour illus.

M. Hopkinson, Italian Prints 1875-1975 (2007), exhibition catalogue, 208 pp., 48 colour, 80 b&w illus.

S. Coppel, The American Scene: prints from Hopper to Pollock, 1905-1960 (2008), exhibition catalogue,  271 pp., 162 colour illus.

Dawn Ades and Alison McClean, Revolution on Paper: Mexican Prints 1910-1960 (2009-10), exhibition catalogue, 192 pp., 152 colour illus. 

S. Coppel with a contribution by Wally Caruana, Out of Australia: prints and drawings from Sidney Noland to Rover Thomas (2011), exhibition catalogue. 240 pp., 195 colour illus.

S. Coppel, Picasso Prints: The Vollard Suite (London, The British Museum Press, 2012) 192 pp., 130 colour illus.

J. Ramkalawon, Kitaj Prints: A catalogue raisonné (London, The British Museum Press, 2013), 256 pp., 300 colour illus.

J.-P. Stonard, Germany Divided: Baselitz and his generation. From the Duerckheim Collection (London, The British Museum Press, 2013), 192 pp., 150 colour illus.

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Prints 1490-1880

C. Dodgson, Early German and Flemish Woodcuts (1903, 1911), collection catalogue, 2 vols: vol I 568pp. and 15 b&w plates; vol II 450pp. and 21 b&w plates

G. Bartrum, German Renaissance Prints 1490-1550 (1995), exhibition catalogue, 240pp., 8 colour, 270 b&w illus.

David Paisey, The British Museum, Department of Prints and Drawings: Catalogue of German Printed Books to 1900 (2002), collection catalogue, 128 pp.,1 colour, 12 b&w illus

Mark P. McDonald, Ferdinand Columbus: Renaissance Collector (London, The British Museum Press, 2005), exhibition catalogue, 256 pp., 14 colour, 160 b&w illus., also published in Spanish (2004)

Mark P. McDonald, Renaissance to Goya: Prints and drawings from Spain (London, The British Museum Press, 2012), 320 pp., 350 colour illus.

I. O'Dell, Deutsche und Österreichische Exlibris 1500-1599 im Britischen Museum (2003), collection catalogue, 256 pp., 489 b&w illus.

A.M. Hind, Early Italian Engravings (1938-1948), a complete corpus including prints in the British Museum, 7 vols; vols I & V catalogue, rest, plates

M. Bury, The Print in Italy 1550-1620 (2001), exhibition catalogue, 248pp., 7 colour, 188 b&w illus.

A. Griffiths and C. Hartley, Jacques Bellange c.1575-1616: Printmaker of Lorraine (1997), exhibition catalogue, 144pp., 92 b&w illus.

M. Royalton-Kisch, Rembrandt the printmaker (2000), exhibition catalogue, 384pp., 500 b&w illus.

A. Griffiths, The Print in Stuart Britain 1603-1689 (1998), exhibition catalogue, 320pp., 257 b&w illus.

D. Bindman, Hogarth and His Times : Serious Comedy (1997), exhibition catalogue, 208pp., 7 colour, 182 b&w illus.

F.G. Stephens and M.D. George, Personal and Political Satires (1870-1954), collection catalogue, 11 vols; not illus. Microfilm available from Chadwick Healy

F. O'Donoghue and H.M. Hake, Engraved British Portraits (1908-1925), collection catalogue, 6 vols; not illus.

F. Carey and A. Griffiths, German Printmaking in the Age of Goethe (1994), exhibition catalogue, 240pp., 200 b&w illus.

J. Wilson-Bareau, Goya's Prints: the Tomás Harris collection in the British Museum (1981, reprinted 1996), 111pp., 100 b&w illus.

P. Goldman, Victorian Illustrated Books 1850-1870 : The Heyday of Wood-Engraving (1994), 144pp., 8 colour, 92 b&w illus.

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British drawings and watercolours

E. Croft-Murray and P. Hulton, British Drawings: 16th and 17th centuries (1960), collection catalogue, 2 vols, 619pp. and 297 b&w plates

Kim Sloan, A New World: England's First View of America (2007), exhibition catalogue, 256 pp., 250 colour illus.

L. Stainton and C. White, Drawing in England from Hilliard to Hogarth (1987), exhibition catalogue, 255pp., 80 colour, 160 b&w illus.

L. Stainton, British Landscape Watercolours 1600-1860 (1985), exhibition catalogue, 84pp., 144 colour, 7 b&w illus.

K. Sloan, "A Noble Art": amateur artists and drawing masters c.1600-1800 (2000), exhibition catalogue, 256pp., 136 colour, 93 b&w illus.

R. Hayden, Mrs Delany: her life and her flowers (1980, reprinted 2000), 192pp., 45 colour, 100 b&w illus.

J. McKesson Camp II (with contributions by Ian Jenkins, Fani-Maria Tsigakou, Kim Sloan), In Search of Greece: Catalogue of an exhibit of drawings at the British Museum by Edward Dodwell and Simone Pomardi from the Collection of the Packard Humanities Institute (Los Altos, California, The Packard Humanities Institute, 2013), 205 pp., colour illus.

K. Sloan, J.M.W. Turner: watercolours from the R.W. Lloyd Bequest in the British Museum (1998), exhibition catalogue, 152pp., 50 colour, 10 b&w illus.

Stephen Lloyd and Kim Sloan, The Intimate Portrait: Drawings, Miniatures and Pastels from Ramsay to Lawrence (2008), catalogue of an exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and the British Museum, 272 pp., 226 colour illus.

J.A. Gere, Pre-Raphaelite Drawings in the British Museum (1995), exhibition catalogue, 159pp., 12 colour, 100 b&w illus.

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Old Master drawings

J.K. Rowlands (ed.), Master Drawings and Watercolours in the British Museum (1984), 208pp., 88 colour, 124 b&w illus.; contains a very brief text.

M. Royalton-Kisch, H. Chapman and S. Coppel, Old Master Drawings from The Malcolm Collection (1996), exhibition catalogue, 192pp., 100 colour illus.

J.K. Rowlands and G. Bartrum, Drawings by German artists: the fifteenth century and the sixteenth century by artists born before 1530 (1993), collection catalogue, 2 vols, 306pp. and 321 b&w plates

J.K. Rowlands and G. Bartrum, The Age of Dürer and Holbein: German drawings 1400- 1550 (1988), exhibition catalogue, 258pp., 40 colour, 242 b&w illus.

A.E. Popham and P. Pouncey, Italian Drawings: 14th and 15th centuries (1950), collection catalogue, 2 vols, 198pp. and 286 b&w plates

J. Wilde, Michelangelo and his studio (1953), collection catalogue, 142pp. and 153 b&w plates

P. Pouncey and J.A. Gere, Raphael and his circle (1962), collection catalogue, 2 vols, 198pp. and 278 b&w plates

A.E. Popham, Artists working in Parma in the 16th century (1967), collection catalogue, 2 vols, 139pp. and 154 b&w plates

J.A. Gere and P. Pouncey, Artists working in Rome c.1550 to c. 1640 (1983), collection catalogue, 2 vols, 254pp. and 370 b&w plates

N. Turner with R. Eitel-Porter, Roman Baroque Drawings c.1620-c.1700 (1999), collection catalogue, 2 vols, 294pp. and 592 b&w plates

N. Turner, Italian Baroque Drawings (1980), 151pp., 65 b&w plates

H. Chapman, Padua in the 1450s: Marco Zoppo and his contemporaries (1998), exhibition catalogue, 80pp., 57 b&w illus.

C. Bambach, H. Chapman and others, Correggio and Parmigianino, Master Draughtsmen of the Renaissance (2000), exhibition catalogue, 192pp., 150 colour, 40 b&w illus.

N. Turner, Florentine Drawings of the Sixteenth Century (1986), exhibition catalogue, 272pp., 100 colour, 100 b&w illus.

A.M. Hind and A.E. Popham, Dutch and Flemish Drawings (1915-1932), collection catalogue, 5 vols.

J.K. Rowlands, Rubens: drawings and sketches (1977), exhibition catalogue, 176pp., 4 colour, 224 b&w illus.

M. Royalton-Kisch, The Light of Nature: landscape drawings and watercolours by Van Dyck and his contemporaries (1999), exhibition catalogue, 192pp., 60 colour, 80 b&w illus.

M. Royalton-Kisch, Drawings by Rembrandt and his circle in the British Museum (1992), exhibition catalogue, 248pp., 60 colour, 265 b&w illus.

J.J.L. Whiteley, Claude Lorrain: drawings from the collections of the British Museum and the Ashmolean Museum (1998), exhibition catalogue, 167pp., 125 b&w illus.

M. Kitson, Claude Lorrain: Liber Veritatis (1978), collection catalogue, 185pp. and 200 b&w plates

N. Turner and C. Plazzotta, Drawings by Guercino from British collections (1991), exhibition catalogue, 304pp., 40 colour, 240 b&w illus.

P. Stein and M. Royalton-Kisch, French Drawings: Clouet to Seurat (2005), exhibition catalogue (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and British Museum), 240 pp., 102 colour, 31 b&w illus.

Mark P. McDonald, Renaissance to Goya: Prints and drawings from Spain (London, The British Museum Press, 2012), 320 pp., 350 colour illus.

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L. Cust, Catalogue of the collection of fans and fan-leaves presented to the trustees of the British Museum by the Lady Charlotte Schreiber (1893), collection catalogue, 138pp., not illus.

W. H. Willshire, A descriptive catalogue of playing and other cards in the British Museum (1876), collection catalogue, 360pp., with supplement (1877), 70pp., frontispiece and 23 colour plates

F. M . O'Donoghue, Catalogue of the collection of playing cards bequeathed to the trustees of the British Museum by the late Lady Charlotte Schreiber (1901), collection catalogue, 228pp., not illus.

D. Bindman, The Shadow of the Guillotine : Britain and the French Revolution (1989), exhibition catalogue, 232pp., 200 b&w illus.

A. Griffiths (ed.), Landmarks in Print Collecting (1996), exhibition catalogue, 304pp., 9 colour, 159 b&w illus.

F. Carey (ed.), The Apocalypse and the Shape of Things to Come (1999), exhibition catalogue, 352pp., 94 colour, 200 b&w illus.

G. Bartrum, Albrecht Dürer and his Legacy (2002-3), exhibition catalogue, 320pp., 85 colour, 267 b&w illus.

M. McDonald, Els mestres del gravat en la Col.lecció del British Museum (segles xv-xx) (2003), exhibition catalogue, 21 colour, 221pp., 111b&w illus. (text in Catalan and English)

S. O'Connell, London 1753 (2003), exhibition catalogue, 272 pp., 30 colour, 350 b&w illus.

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