Ancient Europe 4000-800 BC (Room 51)

Material from the Department of Prehistory and Europe is displayed on the Museum's Upper floor. The department also has material on display in The Changing Museum (Room 2).

Clocks and Watches (Rooms 38-9)
The Sir Harry and Lady Djanogly Gallery

Europe AD 300-1100 (Room 41)

Medieval Europe AD 1050-1500 (Room 40)
The Paul and Jill Ruddock Gallery

The Waddesdon Bequest (Room 45)

Europe 1400-1800 (Room 46)

Europe 1800-1900 (Room 47)

Europe 1900 to the present (Room 48)

Roman Britain (Room 49)
The Weston Gallery of Roman Britain

Britain and Europe 800 BC - AD 43  (Room 50) 

Ancient Europe 4000-800 BC  (Room 50)