The display, movement and storage of the collection is undertaken by a team of four Museum Assistants and one Mason's Assistant (dealing exclusively with the sculpture collections).

Administrative support is provided by a team of four people, whose responsibilities include the management of the departmental loan programme, the ordering of photographs and the running of the departmental library.

Curatorial staff

Marianne Bergeron
Project Curator (Naukratis Project)

Dirk Booms
Roman Architecture, Sculpture, Inscriptions, and Glass

Celeste Farge
Prints and Drawings Cataloguer (Paul Mellon Centre)

J Lesley Fitton

Peter Higgs
Ancient Greece; Greek sculpture, Greek terracottas, Hellenistic period

Ian Jenkins
Senior Curator
Ancient Greece

Thomas Kiely
Cyprus Collection-Neolithic and Bronze Age to Roman

Aurélia Masson
Project Curator (Naukratis Project)

Thorsten Opper
Greek and Roman sculpture

Paul Roberts
Senior Curator
Roman Art and Archaeology

Andrew Shapland
Greek Bronze Age (Cycladic, Minoan and Mycenaean)

Judith Swaddling
Senior Curator
The Etruscans and the rest of pre-Roman Italy, the ancient Olympic Games, metalworking techniques

Ross Thomas
Project Curator (Naukratis Project)

Alexandra Villing
Greek pottery and terracotta figurines