Current research projects being undertaken by staff in the Department of Coins and Medals:

Catalogue of the Collections of Sir Aurel Stein in the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Part 2)
Staff: Helen Wang

Chairman Mao badges
Staff: Helen Wang

Dunhuang Textiles in the UK
Staff: Helen Wang

A Hundred Years of Dunhuang, 1907-2007
Staff: Helen Wang

Masson Project
Staff: Elizabeth Errington

Money in Africa
Staff: Catherine Eagleton

A reassessment of the uses and limitations of numismatic evidence in the study of the societies of late Pre-Roman Iron Age Britain
Staff: Ian Leins

Roman provincial coinage
Staff: Andrew Burnett

Sasanian coin project
Staff: Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis

Synthesis and analysis of Portable Antiquities Scheme and Treasure data
Staff: Ian Leins