Object identification

Objects can be brought to the department for identification during normal opening hours: weekdays 10.00-13.00 (except Wednesdays), and 14.15-16.00 (closed on bank holidays). Digital images of coins, medals or banknotes can be submitted by email, using the address coins@britishmuseum.org. All images should be clear enough that any lettering and detail is legible, but individual emails should not exceed 2MB.

Please note that the British Museum supports international efforts aimed at preventing damage to archaeological sites and the illicit trade in cultural objects. We recognise a number of national and international ethical codes of conduct that mean that we cannot give opinions on an object when its provenance is uncertain. Our staff will rarely be able to identify ancient coins made and/or found outside the United Kingdom.

If you have any questions about our identification service, please telephone the Department in advance of your visit so a member of staff can advise on your particular case.

Neither the Trustees of the British Museum nor members of staff can accept liability for opinions given on objects submitted for examinations, or for information provided. We cannot give valuations and do not provide certificates of authenticity.

Anyone seeking advice on valuations, or on buying and selling coins, medals or bank notes, should consult a dealer or auctioneer. Details of dealers and auctioneers can be obtained from the following organisations:

British Numismatic Trade Association
PO Box 2
East Sussex
TN31 7SB

International Association of Professional Numismatists
14, Rue de la Bourse
BE-1000 Bruxelles