Curatorial staff

Jan Stuart
Keeper - Asia with speciality in China

T. Richard Blurton
Curator - South and South East Asian Collections

David Bone
Senior Administrator and Librarian

Tim Clark
Curator - Japanese Collections

Robert Cowlin

Alexandra Green
Henry Ginsburg Curator for Southeast Asia

Alfred Haft
JTI Project Curator for Japanese Collections

Jessica Harrison-Hall
Curator - Chinese Ceramics and Vietnam

Sushma Jansari
Tabor Fellow

Yu-ping Luk
Project Curator - Ming China Exhibition

Carol Michaelson
Project Curator - Chinese Jade

Sascha Priewe
Curator - Chinese and Korean Collections

Nicole Rousmaniere
IFAC Handa Curator of Japanese Arts

Noriko Tsuchiya
Curator - Japanese Collections

Hiromi Uchida
Mitsubishi Corporation Projects Manager

Clarissa von Spee
Curator - Chinese Collections

Mei Xin Wang
Resource Specialist - China

Michael Willis
Curator - South Asian Collections

Heechung Yang
Visiting Curator