Ancient Egypt and Sudan

Curatorial staff:

Julie Renee Anderson
Assistant Keeper (Curator)
Ancient Sudan and Egyptian Nubia

Daniel Antoine
Assistant Keeper (Curator)
 Physical Anthropology

Elisabeth R. O’Connell
Assistant Keeper (Curator)
Roman and Late Antique Egypt

Vivian Davies
Former Keeper
Epigraphy, sculpture, fieldwork at ElKab, Hagr Edfu,
Kurgus and Tombos

Marcel Marée
Assistant Keeper (Curator)
Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period

Amandine Mérat
Assistant Keeper (Curator)
Roman and Late Antique Egypt

Richard Parkinson
Former Assistant Keeper (Curator)
Ancient Egyptian pharaonic culture

Ilona Regulski
Curator Egyptian Written Culture

Jeffrey Spencer
Former Deputy Keeper
Ancient Egypt; archaeology; Nile Delta fieldwork

Neal Spencer

Anna Stevens
Amara West Project Curator

John H. Taylor
Assistant Keeper (Curator)
Ancient Egypt; funerary archaeology

Marie Vandenbeusch
Project Curator

Derek A. Welsby
Assistant Keeper (Curator)
Archaeology of Sudan and Egyptian Nubia

Susanne Woodhouse
Departmental Librarian
Acquisition, cataloguing, retro-conversion project, book exchange, book conservation project, collection development, library placements, reader services, library tours

The work of the department is supported by a team of Museum Assistants and administrative staff.