Ancient Egypt and Sudan

Curatorial staff:

Neal Spencer

Julie Renee Anderson
Assistant Keeper (Curator)
Ancient Sudan and Egyptian Nubia

Daniel Antoine
Assistant Keeper (Curator)
Physical Anthropology

Marcel Marée
Assistant Keeper (Curator)
Ancient Egypt; Sculpture

Elisabeth R. O’Connell
Assistant Keeper (Curator)
Late Antiquity; Coptic

Dominic Oldman
Senior Curator
Head of ResearchSpace

Ilona Regulski
Assistant Keeper (Curator)
Ancient Egypt; Papyri

John H. Taylor
Assistant Keeper (Curator)
Ancient Egypt; Funerary archaeology

Derek A. Welsby
Assistant Keeper (Curator)
Archaeology of Sudan and Egyptian Nubia

Manuela Lehmann
Project Curator: Amara West

Aurelia Masson-Berghoff
Project Curator: Sunken cities exhibition

Marie Vandenbeusch
Project Curator: Touring exhibitions

Mohamed Elshahed
Project Curator: Modern Egypt

Susanne Woodhouse
Ann El-Mokadem-Librarian

The work of the department is supported by a team of Museum Assistants and administrative staff.